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Construction expert in Honolulu

Managing a high-volume construction project is all about connections. If your firm is based on the mainland, you may not have had the opportunity to make the necessary connections in the Honolulu, Hawaii area to not only get your project off the ground, but get it completed in a timely manner. The good news is you only need one connection: Griffith Construction Consultants. We are construction experts offering project team selection assistance for every phase of your project, from initial planning to FF&E and everything in between. Call today to talk with one of our consultants.
Architects planning project

Planning consultants

As a developer or project owner, you know that the success of your project hinges on sound planning before the first shovel of dirt is turned. Griffith Construction Consultants can make sure that your project is built on solid ground in every sense of the word, from site selection and budgeting to landscape and design.  

Entitlement and permitting 

The entitlement and permitting process differs from state to state, but even if you're a lifelong resident of Hawaii, it can still get complicated. At Griffith Construction Consultants, we've "been there and done that" many times over. Make this potentially difficult process easy on yourself. Call our team today! 

Architect and building design

Whether it's a resort hotel, a hospital, or an office building, your construction project is a reflection of your company and its values. Griffith Construction Consultants can help with architectural and design consulting services to ensure that your finished product stands for who you are, beautifully! 

Site consultants 

Looks can be deceiving. A plot of land that looks like an ideal site for your project might be anything but. Griffith Construction Consultants have site consultants on-staff with the expertise in the following areas: 
  • Geotechnical
  • Environmental
  • Civil
  • Landscape
Before you break ground, call us! 

Special inspections

The purpose of special inspections is to avoid surprises, namely, the kind that lead to structural failure. Griffith Construction Consultants has the training and experience to conduct special inspections of all materials, installation, fabrication, and placement of components and connections to ensure compliance with state and local standards. Call today in Honolulu, Hawaii and get us on the job! 

FF & E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)

FF&E is often relegated to the realm of "afterthought" by construction professionals. Little do they know, they're doing themselves a disservice by potentially being overcharged for items like stove hoods, office cubicles, waiting room chars, even filing cabinets and printers. Let Griffith Construction Consultants help you get the most for your money to the very end of your project. Call today and let's get down to brass tacks! 

From small retail shops to high-rise apartments, build it better with us!

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