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Construction lender reviews in Honolulu

With the budgets for commercial construction projects running in the seven and even eight-figure range, it's no wonder that lenders want to be sure they're getting their money's worth. Show them that your Honolulu, Hawaii project is a worthwhile investment with Griffith Construction Consultants. We offer a full suite of construction lender reviews for the beginning, middle and end of your project. Call today to schedule an evaluation with one of our construction management specialists!
Sketching a housing project

Project plans review with report

Who has $10 or $20 million in cash lying around? What, no hands? Having a lender in your corner is 100% essential to your project getting started. Griffith Construction Consultants can draw up a complete project plan review and report that will show a potential lender that you mean business, and they'd be fools not to back you! 

Project progress, quality inspections and reporting 

When a lender agrees to finance a high-dollar construction project, it's only right that they should know how things are going every step of the way. Griffith Construction Consultants will keep your lender in the loop with regular project progress, quality inspections and reporting, so you can concentrate on building. 

Contractor pay application review and recommendation

No one likes to waste money, especially not a bank who has demonstrated their faith in your project by lending you millions of dollars. Contractor pay will account for a large part of that loan, so make sure they're getting what's fair. Contact Griffith Construction Consultants for a pay application review. 

Been turned down for a construction loan? Let us help.

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