Planning Assistance

Construction development in Honolulu

Before you begin any commercial or industrial construction project, there are many questions that must be asked, and answered. It's not enough to determine whether you can build something, and it's essential to determine whether you should. At Griffith Construction Consultants, we have the people with the experience and the connections to ensure that your construction development plans are on track for successful execution. Make us your first call in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Two colleagues discussing project at construction site

Initial budgeting and pro-forma

Many cities around the U.S. are blighted by half-finished buildings whose developers ran out of funds mid-way through the project. Don't let yours suffer this same fate. At Griffith Construction Consultants, we'll prepare a realistic initial budget and pro forma documents, so you not only look good to your investors, but the end-users of your finished project.

Feasibility studies and analysis

You've found a piece of land with an exquisite view, but before you let visions of a five-star hotel or specialty restaurant go dancing in your head, call Griffith Construction Consultants to schedule a full feasibility study and analysis. From soil analysis and environmental impact studies to legal and statutory concerns, we've got you covered, so there are no unpleasant surprises. 

Due diligence

Any high-volume construction development project involves some degree of risk and yours is no exception. Can you take steps to mitigate them or should you go back to the drawing board? Call Griffith Construction Consultants. We'll perform a thorough pre-construction due diligence, so you can make an informed decision about your project's future.

We can manage your project from start to finish. Call today!

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