Construction pricing and estimating in Honolulu

Do you really have to document who's doing what on your construction project every minute of every day? In a word, yes. 
Thorough documentation can protect you from everything from contract disputes and lawsuits to fraudulent workmans' comp claims. 
Griffith Construction Consultants can take this headache off your hands with documentation services for every phase of a construction project, from pricing and estimating to department meeting minutes. Call today for an appointment. 
Architect and worker looking building model and blueprint plans

Progress reports 

Your building's frame was supposed to be up days ago, and now the contractors are claiming they need a few more weeks to complete the job. What gives? Keeping progress reports from day one would have alerted you to a potential problem before it came back to bite you. Griffith Construction Consultants can help. Call today!

Tracking logs

Time is money. So are materials. Are your crews using both to their fullest advantage? Know at a glance with the help of Griffith Construction Consultants. We can help you track everything from clarification of project deadlines to contract changes, submittals and materials status. Call today for a consultation. 

Meeting minutes

Your job site foreman said one thing in the safety meeting, and you heard something completely different. Who was right? There won't be any long, drawn-out disputes when you contract Griffith Construction Consultants to take meeting minutes. Call today and never let a "you said, they said" hold up progress. 

Photographic records

As a project manager, you've got places to go and people to see. You may even be overseeing your project long-distance. You can always know how things are going as if you were right there all the time with photographic records from Griffith Construction Consultants. Call today for more details. 

Incident reports

The Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA) has strict requirements about reporting any type of incident, no matter how minor. With Griffith Construction Consultants, our incident reporting service will keep your site in full compliance effortlessly. Make an appointment to learn more. 


Safety isn't just first. When you're managing a high-volume commercial construction project, it's first, last and everything in between. Griffith Construction Consultants can look after your interests and those of your employees with a proactive, easy-to-follow safety program. Get one in place on your job site today. 

Certified payroll auditing

If your construction or real estate development firm is like most, payroll comprises a good chunk of your company's expenses. Make sure your pay practices are on the up-and-up with certified payroll accounting services from Griffith Construction Consultants. Call us in Honolulu, Hawaii for a consultation. 

Documentation available in hard copy or digital formats

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