Process Management

Project management in Honolulu

When a construction project is in full swing, you wish you could clone yourself. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day and you could be in several places at once. Construction project management is a difficult process, but like anything else, you get good at it with experience. Griffith Construction Consultants has that experience, and we're ready to lend ours to your construction project with a full array of process management services. Call our office in Honolulu, Hawaii today. 

Planning process 

Visualizing a completed project is one thing, and breaking it down in terms of weeks and months, and dollars and cents is quite another. At Griffith Construction Consultants, our planning process specialists can not only tell you how long something will take, but we can spell it out in black and white so you can see real progress! 

Entitlements process

That old saw about not putting the cart before the horse describes the entitlements process to a "T." Before you do anything to a piece of property, you must make sure that you can legally do so. Griffith Construction Consultants can make sure you have all your approvals, permits and zoning in place. 

Environmental and site review

You wouldn't want to build a restaurant on a site that had been contaminated by pesticides, but how do you know what your land might have been used for 50 or 100 years ago? Environmental and site reviews and reports can tell you exactly that. Call Griffith Construction Consultants to schedule yours today. 

Design assist activities

A common complaint among construction professionals is having to execute designs that failed to take into account what they would actually be used for. The "design assist" approach gets both designers and builders involved in a project from the get-go. Griffith Construction Consultants can make this happen. 

Design disciplines 

Maybe you have all your design specialists lined up, except for a plumber. Or perhaps you need to assemble an entire team from scratch. Whatever the case, Griffith Construction Consultants can help you locate the experts you need in a host of design disciplines, including lighting, landscaping, electrical, HVAC and more. 


Ask any developer which aspect of project management made them tear their hair out most, and chances are they'll say "permitting." Griffith Construction Consultants feels your pain. We know exactly which permits to get from which agencies, so this process will go smoothly for a change. Call today! 

Bidding and contract awards

Anyone who has managed a large-scale construction project knows that you don't always award a contract to the lowest bidder. Griffith Construction Consultants knows which contractors offer the best service for the best value in Hawaii. Let us take the guesswork out of your bidding and contract award process. 

Construction phase 

You've conducted your site studies, secured your permits and done your due diligence. Now it's time to get crews on site and get to work. Griffith Construction Consultants can ensure your project goes smoothly from concept to completion with site and building management, FF&E and warranty and closeout. 

Budgeting and scheduling

Who's going to be working where and when and how much is it going to cost you? Simple questions, perhaps, but answering them is anything but simple. Unless you happen to be Griffith Construction Consultants. We have hundreds of successful construction projects in Hawaii that we've helped manage from start to finish. 

For complete process management services, call our team in Honolulu

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