Contract Management

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By the time the last nail is hammered into your latest construction project, you'll have enough signed contracts to fill a walk-in closet, if not an entire room. You can either hope and pray that someone doesn't ask to see one after the fact, or pull it up with virtually no hand-wringing or teeth-gnashing on your part. For option "b," call Griffith Construction Consultants for contract management services. We'll keep a handle on your contracts, so you can handle everything else that comes your way. 
Construction engineers checking plan

Assistance in drafting bid documents

It's amazing how many contractors can come out of the woodwork when you open a project up for bid including companies you never heard of. Keep it from turning into a circus with Griffith Construction Consultants. We can help you draft a full array of bid documents including: 
  • Form of Contract
  • Invitation to Bid
  • Instructions to Bidders
  • Supplemental Conditions
  • Proposal Format
We'll keep your bidding process consistent, concise and under control. 

Proposal review, analysis and recommendation

The bids are in and you've narrowed the playing field down to a few contenders. How do you know you're picking the best one for the job? Let Griffith Construction Consultants look at your project and the people bidding on it with fresh eyes and offer objective analysis and recommendations. Call today for an appointment. 

Drafting of construction agreement

After you've selected the contractor with the winning bid, it's time to draft a construction agreement with specific goals on what should get done and by when and an operating budget, among other things. Not your cup of tea? Don't worry, it's ours at Griffith Construction Consultants. 

Changes management and analysis

The only constant in the universe is change. Construction is no different, but if a contractor is proposing an amendment to the schedule they originally signed off on, and you have doubts, trust your instincts. Call Griffith Construction Consultants for change management and analysis services. 

Schedule management

At any given time, you could have hundreds of people working on your construction project. Keeping track of who's where needn't be a Herculean task with a little help from Griffith Construction Consultants. Our schedules management services will keep your employee roster at your fingertips at all times. 

So many contracts, so little time? We can help.

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